Rock Climbing Adventure Tours in the beautiful Blue Mountains


Have fun learning to climb on spectacular cliffs.

Our qualified guides have intimate local knowledge and will choose climbing routes to suite you personally. You will be challenged and surprised at your abilities as you learn techniques to increase your efficiency on the rock.

Rock climbing is more about technique and learning to use and trust your feet, rather then super human strength. So don't put it off waiting to be lean and strong. If you are new to climbing then the best training is to get out and climb on real rock. So, come along and learn how to move efficiently on the rock, have fun and stay safe.

What to bring

We take care of everything and even supply special rock climbing shoes.

All you need to bring is your camera and drinking water and wear clothing that is both comfortable and allows free movement. The weather is changeable in the mountains so make sure you bring an extra warm layer and a rain jacket.

Blue Mountains Rock Climbing Tours

Half day adventure

$289 per person

Up to 6 people